MRI UPDATE – May 7, 2006

May 7, 2006

Emily had an MRI on Friday May 5 at UNC. The MRI showed that Emily’s tumor is stable and seems to be a little less defined around one of it’s margins, which is good. She saw all of her doctors and nurses, for whom we are so grateful for their care and knowledge. We visited…

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UPDATE – Apr. 21 – Apr. 23, 2006

Apr 23, 2006

Emily and Mom had a girl’s weekend alone. Dad and Jake went camping with the Cub Scouts. We stayed up late to watch movies on Friday. Emily felt up to picking strawberries Saturday and had a really good time. Her Godfather, Stan Brunt, fixed Em boiled shrimp Saturday night for dinner. They are Emily’s favorite…

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UPDATE – Apr. 17, 2006

Apr 17, 2006

Emily was able to see Dr. Gold, her Pediatric Oncologist, in Wilmington, this month. He travels to Wilmington the 3rd Monday of every month. He and Emily had a good visit. Hope Dr. Gold found his glasses when he got back to Chapel Hill! Ha! We also hope Dr. Coulter had a less eventful flight…

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UPDATE – Apr. 14 – Apr. 16, 2006

Apr 16, 2006

Happy, Kristi, Jake and Emily spent Easter weekend in New Bern with Happy’s mom and dad, Ann and Leon Wade. We helped them to clear out some storage areas and get rid of things that were taking up needed space. Jake and Emily enjoyed an Easter celebration at Christ Episcopal Church Saturday morning. We appreciate…

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UPDATE – Apr. 7 – Apr. 9, 2006

Apr 7, 2006

Emily is now attending pre-school for a full morning. Her energy levels are up, and she loves to go to be with all her friends. Many thanks to the teachers and students at Noah’s Ark Preschool for their kindness and patience! Jake and Emily spent the weekend in New Bern, NC, with Grandmommie and Granddaddy…

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UPDATE – Mar. 31 – Apr. 2, 2006

Mar 31, 2006

Emily and her family traveled to Abingdon, VA, to visit friends (Kent, Karen and Kelsie Peterson). We had wonderful weather, and enjoyed a weekend away. Emily did well and had alot of fun seeing Kelsie and Patches (Kelsie’s Jack Russell Terrier). Kent served as our former Pastor in Wilmington, NC. We appreciate them showing us…

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