UPDATE – June 27, 2006

Jun 27, 2006

Emily was hospitalized Tuesday, June 20, for observation due to some breathing concerns. After physical therapy Tuesday afternoon, Emily’s breathing was “labored,” more so that usual. Emily’s local Pediatrician, Dr. M. Forehand, and her oncology team at UNC decided to admit her locally to observe her overnight. We also had a CAT scan taken and…

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UPDATE – June 19, 2006

Jun 19, 2006

Emily and her family had a busy Father’s Day weekend. We celebrated with Happy Saturday night by watching Jake’s race at Wilmington’s Slot Car Raceway and taking Dad to dinner at the Red Robin Restaurant, thanks to a generous anonymous gift-card from a church “friend.” Big brother, Jake, left first thing Sunday morning with a…

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UPDATE – June 9 – June 11, 2006

Jun 11, 2006

Emily and her family traveled to Raleigh this weekend for a family reunion. We gathered at the home of cousins, Ed and Ann Gaskins. Ed and Ann are the thoughtful pair who supplied Kristi and Emily with one of their vehicles to drive for 8 weeks in Chapel Hill during Emily’s initial treatment. They have…

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UPDATE – June 1, 2006

Jun 1, 2006

Emily’s speech and balance have been showing signs of regression over the last week. Today, we were especially concerned about how she was acting. We contacted Dr. Gold at UNC and arranged to be at the clinic first thing Friday morning for an exam and to be placed on the MRI waiting list for the…

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UPDATE – Memorial Day Weekend, 2006

May 29, 2006

We had an easy going weekend. We didn’t travel anywhere. Just enjoyed being home. Saturday, “Big Em” (Emily Tomlinson) arranged a photography session for Little Em. Big Em and Little Em had fun with make-up by Rudolph and a dress up tea party with photographer, Patricia. We had a great time! Many thanks to Rudolph…

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UPDATE – May 19 – May 20, 2006

May 20, 2006

Emily was asked to participate in Wilmington’s Relay for Life this weekend. (Click Here to See Photos) She shared the honor of cutting the ribbon for the Survivor’s Walk with her friend, Sarah Price. She, Sarah and several other children led the first walk around Ashley High School’s track. Emily was encouraged by cheers and…

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