WEEK 7 – Nov 12 – Nov 18 , 2005

Emily remains hospitalized with low white blood cell counts. Her fever had been absent for about 4 days, until she awoke Saturday morning with a fever of 102. Emily’s daddy has been in Chapel Hill with her since last Tuesday. Emily’s mom returned to Wilmington Tuesday for a “quick” visit with big brother, Jake. While there, a persistent cough worsened, and the doctors diagnosed mom with Walking Pneumonia. Emily and her daddy have been by themselves for almost a week. Mom is trying desperately to get better, with the help of Grandmommie and Granddaddy Weeks, so she can get back to Emily. We hope that we’ll all be together for Thanksgiving. We have moved out of the Ronald McDonald House for now. Emily is in room 5C05 of the UNC Children’s Hospital (5th floor, room 5). Thank you, again, for the many shows of concern and offerings of help. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.