WEEK 6 – Nov 5 – Nov 11, 2005

Week Six has been filled with ups and downs. Over the weekend, Emily developed sores on the back crease of her ears. Due to where the radiation is aimed, this is a side effect. Emily’s white blood cell count recorded very low on Tuesday. Upon returning to the clinic on Thursday for follow up lab work, her white blood cells and platelet counts were very low. She received a blood platelet transfusion Thursday afternoon and was advised to be careful about visiting busy public places and visitors who might be ill. Emily was doing well until late Friday evening, when she developed a fever. Emily’s doctors had advised us to watch out for fever. She was admitted back to UNC Children’s Hospital late Friday evening and will remain inpatient until her white blood cell counts improve. We were planning to return to Wilmington, Tuesday, after Emily’s last scheduled radiation treatment on Monday, Nov. 14; however, our plans will be postponed until her immune system improves. Thank you all for your continued prayers and messages of concern. We are very blessed to have so many caring and thoughtful friends. As we prepare to try to come home, we also feel a bit sad to leave our newest friends in Chapel Hill: our doctors, nurses, technicians, Ronald McDonald House-mates and staff, and our four-legged pals, Dewi and Eddy. Dewi and Eddy thank Emily’s friends for the dog treats you’ve sent, too!