WEEK 5 – Oct 29 – Nov 4 ,2005

Emily was a little tired from her trip home, but still managed to dress up as a black cat for Halloween. She wore her kitty costume to therapy and around the hospital on Monday. Emily is kind of “stuck” on dressing up as a cat. She’s been a black cat now for four years. Keep in mind that she is only four years old! Dewi, her favorite therapy pal, came to visit her Monday, because he missed her on Sunday evening. Emily felt up to going to a Carolina basketball exhibition game Friday night, Nov. 4, to see the Tarheels play Fayetteville State. She wore her Carolina Cheerleaders outfit and got to have her picture made with Ramses, the mascot. Something, by the way, her mother has always wanted to do. Emily’s steroid dosages are successfully being lowered, and with the decreases, Emily seems to have a little more energy and motivation to get out and go. Emily will begin her final week of radiation and chemo Nov. 8, Tuesday. We hope to be back in Wilmington by Tuesday, Nov. 15. The doctors have advised us that we will take a five week break and then return to Chapel Hill for another MRI. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Emily is stable and seems to be doing well under the circumstances; however, we still have a long road to travel. At this point, we’re thankful for her improvements, stability and positive encouragement from her doctors. We are also so very thankful for everyone’s support and prayers. We draw our strength from our prayers and the prayers of many. We can feel it, so keep it up! Thank you, also, for the many cards, balloons, bears, books, quilts, and busy activities for Emily.