WEEK 10 – Dec 3 – Dec 9, 2005

Emily is doing well at home and is really enjoying a break from treatment. Her speech has improved greatly, and her balance also shows signs of improvement. Keep in mind that these are our evaluations, not her medical team. Her immune system continues to show signs of improvement through her biweekly bloodwork. Emily enjoyed a visit from some of Kristi’s students from CFCC who helped to decorate our Christmas tree. She has not had alot of contact with “outsiders,” as we have been cautious of her low immune system. So, she really enjoyed the visit! Emily has enjoyed a few outings, like small shopping trips with Mom, visiting a pottery studio and watching Wilmington’s Downtown Christmas parade. The Brunts and Tomlinsons took Emily to “Big Em’s” office downtown and let her watch from inside, while drinking hot chocolate and eating mini-marshmallows. Mostly eating marshmallows, I understand! Kristi and Happy took an overnight getaway to Charlotte Saturday and Sunday to go to a Carolina Panthers game. No, they didn’t win, but Kristi did enjoy getting to see the mascot, Sir Purr. Kristi has been busy working with local services to set up resources for Emily. We are assembling a team of therapists, physical and speech, as well as some educational tutoring to keep Emily on her preschool tract. We plan to be home for Christmas and are so very thankful to all be together. Emily will return to Chapel Hill on Tuesday, December 27, for her next MRI. We ask that you continue to pray for Emily, her family and her medical team.