UPDATE – Feb. 2, 2006

Emily continues to do well and has successfully completed her first round of “maintenance” oral chemotherapeutics (Temodar). She did not have any ill side effects, and we’re relieved that the week went smoothly. Emily will take a 5 day dose, once each month, indefinitely, for now. Emily’s energy levels continue to improve. She still becomes fatigued more easily that before Oct. 1, but is acting more like her “old self.” This includes a little dancing when she hears a beat she likes, and her favorite past-time, “shopping!” Kristi, Emily’s Mom, went back to work last week. She is trying to work a couple of 1/2 days a week. It was good for her to get back to the office. Kristi is extremely grateful to her coworkers and patients for their unending support and love. It was good to get back to an “old normal.” We thank God everyday for all that we have, especially one another and all of our wonderful family and friends. Emily asks that we also remember in prayer her friends that are battling illnesses: Sarah, Kelsie, Hannah, families at the Ronald McDonald House and children at UNC’s Children’s Hospital. (Her nightly prayer list has become very long!) May God watch over us all and grant these children, including our Emily, the miracle of healing. May He also be with their families and physicians to give them strength and courage.