UPDATE – Feb. 16 – 20, 2006

Emily was admitted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center on Thursday, February 16, for respiratory distress symptoms. After consulting with UNC-CH and her local Pediatricians, it was decided to admit her locally as her oxygen stats were low and breathing labored. The plan was to transport her via ambulance to Chapel Hill. Due to the unavailability of beds at UNC, she was kept at NHRMC to be monitored. Initial xrays and exams did not indicate fluid in her lungs; however, after re-examination and another set of xrays Friday morning, the diagnosis was pneumonia. For us, this diagnosis was actually a relief. Emily’s tumor can effect, among many things, her respiration. With a specific diagnosis that we could treat and act upon, it relieved some of our initial concerns. Thanks to the wonderful doctors and staff at Carolina Pediatrics. We appreciate their willingness to be so accommodating to our special needs and concerns. We are lucky to have doctors both in Chapel Hill and Wilmington who work so well to communicate with one another. We also thank the team of nurses and therapists at NHRMC for their patience, kindness and watchful monitoring of Emily’s condition and for putting up with Emily’s mom’s endless questions. Our trusted Dr. Gold was in Wilmington, Monday, February 20. We appreciate him squeezing in a visit to see Emily. Emily’s MRI scheduled for Friday, February 17, was canceled as well as her chemo. regimen postponed until she is over the pneumonia. Emily will continue at home with multiple antibiotics and respiratory exercises. We will see Dr. Gold, Wednesday, March 1, and go from there. Thanks to Dr. Feldman and Dr. Fu for being available 24/7 oncall. We appreciate the support of family and friends these past few days. Thank you for continuing to keep us in your prayers, for all the hugs, and alot of hand holding. We thank God that we have passed through another hurdle, learning more along the way, especially to trust that God is with us every step.