MRI UPDATE – Dec 28, 2005

Dec 28, 2005

Emily had her MRI on Tuesday, December 27, and the scan showed that the tumor had “significantly decreased in size,” according to her Oncologist, Dr. Stuart Gold. We are so thankful that the news is good! We felt like it would be, but were anxious all the same! Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and…

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WEEK 10 – Dec 3 – Dec 9, 2005

Dec 3, 2005

Emily is doing well at home and is really enjoying a break from treatment. Her speech has improved greatly, and her balance also shows signs of improvement. Keep in mind that these are our evaluations, not her medical team. Her immune system continues to show signs of improvement through her biweekly bloodwork. Emily enjoyed a…

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WEEK 9 – Nov 26 – Dec 2 ,2005

Nov 26, 2005

After routine blood work in Wilmington Monday morning, Emily’s platelet and hemoglobin counts were low. Happy, Kristi and Emily made a trip to Chapel Hill for transfusions and ended up spending Monday night at the Ronald McDonald House. Thank goodness for our “home away from home!” Although her platelet and hemoglobin counts dropped, Emily’s neutrophil…

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WEEK 8 – Nov 19 – Nov 25, 2005

Nov 19, 2005

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving after getting to bring Emily home on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Her blood counts improved enough that the doctors allowed her to leave the hospital. Emily is still neutropenic and must be very careful about contact and exposure to infection. She is happy and seems very glad to be home and…

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WEEK 7 – Nov 12 – Nov 18 , 2005

Nov 12, 2005

Emily remains hospitalized with low white blood cell counts. Her fever had been absent for about 4 days, until she awoke Saturday morning with a fever of 102. Emily’s daddy has been in Chapel Hill with her since last Tuesday. Emily’s mom returned to Wilmington Tuesday for a “quick” visit with big brother, Jake. While…

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WEEK 6 – Nov 5 – Nov 11, 2005

Nov 5, 2005

Week Six has been filled with ups and downs. Over the weekend, Emily developed sores on the back crease of her ears. Due to where the radiation is aimed, this is a side effect. Emily’s white blood cell count recorded very low on Tuesday. Upon returning to the clinic on Thursday for follow up lab…

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