UPDATE – June 27, 2006

Emily was hospitalized Tuesday, June 20, for observation due to some breathing concerns. After physical therapy Tuesday afternoon, Emily’s breathing was “labored,” more so that usual. Emily’s local Pediatrician, Dr. M. Forehand, and her oncology team at UNC decided to admit her locally to observe her overnight. We also had a CAT scan taken and blood work to rule out any immediate issues. None were noted, and she was released first thing Wednesday morning. We thank the nurses on the 10th floor Peds. Ward at NHRMC for their TLC and kindness. Thanks for taking care of the Wades, again! Her balance and speech are still not good, but we are continuing to wean her from her steroids. She is almost off of them, thank goodness. Hopefully, we won’t have to go back on for a while. Emily is due to see Dr. Gold this Friday, June 30, for a scheduled visit and a MRI. We pray that the tumor continues to shrink, in spite of Emily’s physical issues. Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers. We have been comforted by prayers and the overwhelming support so many continue to show. God’s love surrounds us in so many ways, and we are so very lucky for all our “earthly angels” who are ever present to help fulfill our needs. We also remember our friends and family who are not well and also need our prayers. Especially our good friend Kelsie and her family, who found out yesterday that her cancer has returned. We pray for strength, courage and guidance for all of us dealing with illness. Emily’s big brother, Jake, returned from Camp Lutheridge Saturday afternoon. He had a good time and can’t wait to go back next year. Thanks to Grandmommie and Granddaddy Weeks for sending him. In a week’s time, he took 1 shower (not including a daily swim), changed clothes about 2x, and wrote 2 letters. All in all, my friends assure me that this is an excellent indicator of a successful week at camp. He came home happy and alive, so I’ll dwell on the positive and overlook the rest!