UPDATE – June 30, 2006

Emily was scheduled to have her periodic MRI on Friday in Chapel Hill. However, the Wades decided to go to Chapel Hill Wednesday night because of concern of Emily’s deteriorating condition instead of waiting for her scheduled appointment. They returned to Wilmington on Thursday.

The Wades received hard news that Emily’s brain tumor has come back rapidly and aggressively. Dr. Gold, Emily’s exceptional pediatric oncologist, has told the family that the time may well be growing short — possibly days, possibly weeks, possibly a very few months.

We do not believe in giving up, yet we recognize the seriousness of Emily’s condition. She is having difficulty walking and with speech. We continue to pray for healing. Please pray harder for Emily and her family.

At this time, the Wades do not need gifts of food, but they need your prayers and encouragement. Emily is weaker today, so please give the Wades the physical space they need to be with their daughter and sister by caring from a distance.

Emily’s family at St. Matthew’s invites you to join in a prayer vigil after church on Sunday at St. Matthew’s. A sign up will be in the commons beginning Saturday evening with times of prayer through Sunday and into Monday. Some of you may be able to pray at home rather than at St. Matt’s.

Please ask your friends to double their prayers on Emily and her family’s behalf. If you would like to make a special gift to the Emily Wade Assistance Fund, that, too, will be appreciated.