UPDATE – Memorial Day Weekend, 2006

We had an easy going weekend. We didn’t travel anywhere. Just enjoyed being home. Saturday, “Big Em” (Emily Tomlinson) arranged a photography session for Little Em. Big Em and Little Em had fun with make-up by Rudolph and a dress up tea party with photographer, Patricia. We had a great time! Many thanks to Rudolph and Patricia for their time, talents and big hearts! Thanks for a memorable afternoon! Emily and Mom took a walk on the beach Sunday while Dad and brother, Jake, played golf. We collected a lot of pretty shells. We didn’t wear our swimsuits, and Emily questioned, “Why not?” I explained we were just going for a walk. She decided she wanted to get her feet wet, so I let her walk along the water’s edge only to be taken out by a wave. Her response was, “I told you I should have worn my swimsuit!” Next time, I’ll listen. Jake and Mom volunteered at the Wilmington Interfaith Hospitality Network Monday. This is a collaboration of churches that take turns hosting homeless families at their facilities. Always a good reminder of how fortunate we are to have our own home, our own nice warm beds and our own place to call “ours.