UPDATE – June 9 – June 11, 2006

Emily and her family traveled to Raleigh this weekend for a family reunion. We gathered at the home of cousins, Ed and Ann Gaskins. Ed and Ann are the thoughtful pair who supplied Kristi and Emily with one of their vehicles to drive for 8 weeks in Chapel Hill during Emily’s initial treatment. They have a lovely home in North Raleigh with a small lake for swimming and playing. Happy’s family has had many reunions here. It’s a perfect location and very comfortable for the whole clan. We appreciate all the hard work and planning that the Alexander crew did for this years event. We missed the cousins who couldn’t be there: Jeff McMeans; Sted, Antoinette, Steddy and Anthony Witt; Jon Witt; Chris Witt (and boys); Zachary Alexander and family; Brent and Natalie Gaskins (and girls). Emily had fun played with Addison and Craven Bell (her cousins). Thanks for sharing your toys, stickers and art supplies! Jake got to play golf with the “big boys” Saturday and scored his first two real pars! Way to go Jake! While the boys were golfing, Emily and Mom visited the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and the Farmer’s Market in Raleigh. Jake and Emily enjoyed some water play in the lake including a paddle boat ride. We had some feathered visitors, 4 geese, that showed up numerous times. They had it made with all the kids and an endless supply of bread! Emily is doing well. We are trying to decrease her steroid dosage, and it is going well, so far. She begin working with her new PT and Speech Therapist this week. Also, Vacation Bible School begins Sunday evening and concludes Friday. She’s looking forward to all the activities. Thanks for checking in on Emily and for all your prayers! Love to all!