MRI UPDATE – March 21, 2006

Good News! Emily traveled to UNC-CH with her Mom and Dad Tuesday for a MRI. The MRI indicated that the tumor has not enlarged since December 27, and has possibly shrunk just a little more. When questioned about the major contributing factor as to why the tumor was “stable,” Dr. Gold indicated a combination of factors which included the power of prayer. Thanks to all who have prayed for Emily. Please keep those prayers going! We continue to pray for the miracle of healing. Thanks, also, to our friends at the Ronald McDonald House. It was good to see our Chapel Hill family! We appreciate a place to call home when we’re at UNC! Don’t forget to drop your extra change at McDonald’s for the “House.” Remember Emily and know that there are many like she and her family who are dependant on what the Ronald McDonald House does to help us get through medical challenges. Emily’s brother, Jake, turned 9 on March 19. He enjoyed having Grandmommie and Granddaddy Weeks come to stay with him while Mom, Dad and Emily were at UNC. Thanks Mom and Dad for all you’ve done and continue to do! Emily is back in school at Masonboro Baptist Church. She goes for about 2 1/2 hours each morning and is really enjoying being back! Her classmates and teachers have welcomed her back with open arms. Getting back to a little “normalcy” seems to be good medicine for Em! Emily will begin another round of oral chemo on Thursday and will take it for 5 consecutive days. She will continue to see Dr. Gold monthly and have a MRI every two months. Next week is Spring Break for Jake and Emily. We are planning a family trip to the mountains of Virginia to visit friends. Love to all! Thanks for your support and love! (P.S. Thanks to Big Em for all the help with website updates!)