UPDATE – Apr. 21 – Apr. 23, 2006

Emily and Mom had a girl’s weekend alone. Dad and Jake went camping with the Cub Scouts. We stayed up late to watch movies on Friday. Emily felt up to picking strawberries Saturday and had a really good time. Her Godfather, Stan Brunt, fixed Em boiled shrimp Saturday night for dinner. They are Emily’s favorite treat! Ms. Jane, Big Em and Mr. Jeremy were also there. Em and I went to church Sunday and then to the opening of the new Children’s Museum in Wilmington that afternoon. Emily liked the museum, except for a cannon on a pirate ship that shot out foam cannon balls. It was a little too loud for Emily. Ha! Her chemo. makes her tired, but it doesn’t keep her down for long! Once again, our thanks to everyone for their ongoing prayers and support. One quick note about some of the correspondence Emily has received. Happy’s cousin, Antoinette Witt, from California, has sent Emily postcards literally from around the world. She had friends and family to send international postcards, and she forwards them to Emily. We have had a lot of fun reading them. We have saved every card Emily has received. And I do mean every card, not just these postcards! Her card basket has exceeded its capacity. We keep them visible as a reminder of all the prayers and thoughts sent our way! Emily is doing well and is happy, thanks to a lot of answered prayers. Please keep those prayers going! Emily plans to participate in the Relay for Life Survivors walk May 19. She has been asked to help lead the walkers that night. Love to all!